Thursday, April 22, 2010

Day # 7: The Quote Blog and Other Alton Adventures

to introduce it all:

Day #7: The Quote Blog, and other Alton Adventures
first of all, Alton.
a few things i'll always remember about this town:

standing, talking at the gas station.
the first tour of the town i got from Keely.
going to the river a few times.
pizza from the gas station.
ice cream from burger palace.
driving around, daring to find a ghost.
eating at stateline in the wee hours.
visiting this town always makes me happy.
and, ah, the quote blog. keely & her friends (im not sure exactly who!) came up with the idea.

when i moved to missouri, i was largely welcomed by a group of people i'd never met. the first time i met the majority of these people was on the way to a basketball game in January of 07 when i moved here. we rode around in the land rover and i literally could not believe how hard these people were making me laugh. this group of friends from Alton had something within each other that was overwhelmingly hilarious. most of them grew up together, and always made me feel at home. they started a blog with all their amazing quotes from small adventures like that night, and i followed suit. some of these are from those friends in Alton, and some are from other people that i thought were quote-worthy.
even though these days have passed, and i may never laugh quite like that again with quite a group of friends like them- i will always occasionally look at the blog, and be so very glad that i was there.

the original blog can be found on my old myspace page:
here are my favorite quotes:
Nick (me and keely wanted to stay home and watch Nacho Libre while the boys went to get us Krispy Kreme): Why can't we all just go as a family?
Jessica (talking about her boyfriend): Yeah, he really really likes cars.
Chris: Well, he's straight. So we can forgive.
Lyndon: Legend has it, that on SnowNight, the Snow Ghost comes out to eat children and shit out hearts.
Steven: I couldn't keep a straight face. And it's obvious that she couldn't. I say that because her face is crooked.
Jeremy: I think Japanease people are magical.
Brenna: I wish women didn't have rights so we didn't have to go to College.
Keely: You stole my heart.
: Yeah, and then I pawned it.
Steven: (talking about me finding a murderer in my house) What if he was in a non-murderous position?

Keely: Our plunger is like, 'Hi! We have a plugged toilet.'
Kacie: (talking about the dogs coughing in the other room) Who's harking up the herald angels in there?
Keely: I feel awkward the majority of my life.
Brittany: (There was about six people in the drive-thru at McDonald's) Ah, shit.
Jeremy: That's okay. Now we just have more family time together.

Jeremy: I had to babysit two 6-year olds one time. I had to breast feed one of them.
Ann: You know, ever since I made out with a 25-year old, a lot of doors have opened up for me.
Lyndon: (Keely and I made him watch Crossroads) What does this movie teach you? How to be a slut on the road?
Keely: Holly's a republican.
Me: What? Since when?
Keely: Eh, I just think he's trying to get on my nerves.

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