Sunday, April 18, 2010

Day #4: Bumperstickers

okay, so i have slacked on posting the past few days. so i'm trying to post three of them tonight!

Day #4: Bumperstickers

these little gems were a brilliant idea on facebook- the perfect way to waste time. dig through thousands of strange little pictures, and then send them to your friends. these were pretty much an everyday activity, and the cause of failed quizzes and papers written at 3 a.m.
a few of my favorites:


Kourtney said...

Oh I remember these...I should, as I sent about half of them to you if I remember correctly. Love it!

bocchia said...

Bumperstickers will always be the most amazing things ever

Bryan Coffelt said...

It's all okay, all of it, even the part about living in the south.

:) :) :)