Friday, April 23, 2010

Day #8: Saddlebrook

hello there. i'm Abe. i'll be guiding you along this tour of the Saddlebrook house. i've watched over this house for the past three years, and put up with more shenanigans than i signed up for. without me, this house would be nothing. i've given up on the tenants of this household more times than i can count, but since i was born without legs- here i remain. so, i welcome you to:

Day #8: The Saddlebrook House

to begin, this has been my view day in and day out for the entirety of my stay. disgusting.

here's a shot of the place back in the beginning. Back when my only friend, the unnamed Owl, was still around.

an aerial view of the countertop. again, despicable.


and here they are.

fridge decorations.

got in trouble a few times for this one.

always with the cupcakes.

one too many tacos.

holly, during one of his many daily talks with keely.

and a few others i'm not sure what to do with.


Oh. said...

trying desperately to remember how we made the peni- i mean candy canes. did we shape them ourselves?

Brittany said...

i think we did! we shaped the dough and then cooked 'em, i think.

Laura said...

i have that same pink mizzou t-shirt! smile.