Monday, August 31, 2009

if i ever have children, i may name a girl autumn. THAT much love resides in my heart for such an amazing season. everything feels quiet, everything feels calm. i love being slightly cold. not winterly cold, but autumnly cold. the first day of wearing socks & closed-toed shoes to school makes my heart as light as a leaf. autumn is a nice fellow/lady. they let me wear scarves everyday without being annoying hot. they make anything hazelnut or carmel taste even more wonderful. im not joking when i say i would glady wed autumn, in the autumn. i wasn’t born tan, i can hardly even tan when i try- and in autumn, i am glad to be pale. im as cliche as they come when autumn comes around. im cozy. if i didn’t look like such a nut in a turtleneck, i’d wear them everyday. school buses, sidewalks, books, tights, clickity-clack shoes, maroon, gold, dirt, whip cream, fireplaces, the smell of autumn rain, a breeze, a tree shedding its scars from the year, pumpkins, You’ve Got Mail…these things & more enhance every autumn. my soul would glady be consumed with autumn throughout all eternity, & i will thank God daily for his brilliance and love that resides in this season that come tomorrow, will only be twenty-one days away.

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